With You All The Way

We at SpliceCom pride ourselves on our ability to react and support our Partners. You can choose how much involvement you require from our staff. From a simple conference call with a customer to help oil the wheels of a sale - from either a technical or commercial angle - to demo support at the point of sale, through to the management of a highly complex deployment requiring Vendor engagement across multiple disciplines, including, where necessary, product development. We will work with you to 'Pick & Mix' the right team.

Choose Your Level

Are you fed up with Vendor accreditation schemes that hinder relationships rather then support them? At SpliceCom we have a simple accreditation program that recognises the level of commitment and skill sets you choose to adopt. Supporting the SpliceCom Accreditation scheme we have SpliceCom Provision Services, which, where required, provide additional skills and resources to complement your choice of Accreditation level. Simply 'Pick & Mix' to deliver the level of SpliceCom portfolio and services your business requires.

Tunnel Vision

Are you restricted to the market you can address by your Vendors' portfolio, price point or level of Accreditation? At SpliceCom we have put together a product range that is highly scalable (from a 5 User bundled PBX to a 10,000 extension system) and networkable (200 customer sites all operating as ONE single system). You choose how you wish to deploy, whether its a traditional PBX, a Soft PBX (including virtualised services), or perhaps a blend of the two! A Reseller is often is forced to hold multiple vendor platforms as well as multiple third-party applications in order to avoid 'Tunnel Vision'. With the SpliceCom range of Platforms and Applications you can 'Pick & Mix' to match the way your customers' want to deploy their systems' and provide the level of applications they need. All this flexibility from one Vendor allowing you to address a wider market, yet significantly reduce your support costs.

Manage Your Money, Your Way

Finance can either be customer driven or used as a sales tool to deliver the financial model that best suits your business. SpliceCom Financial Services complements both CAPEX and OPEX models. With our 3 and 5 year Lease Rental schemes or highly attractive Flexible Licence Plan (a Pay Monthly finance scheme), SpliceCom Financial Services is as much a product as the communication.